For advance orders, we offer the following trays for cookies and pastries.

    Cookie Tray
    A variety of Kolachky and/or Assorted cookie trays sold by the pound.

    Italian Pastry Tray
    A 40-piece tray with Biscotti (or Rainbow Cookies), Custard Puffs, Lemon Cannoli, Mini Napoleons, and Small Cannoli.

    Traditional Pastry Tray
    A 40 or 50 piece trays with Brownies, Coconut Bars, Custard Puffs, Mini Cheese Cakes, and Small Cannoli.

    Cannoli Tray
    A 40 or 50 piece trays with Large or Small Cannoli.

    Mini Cream Puff Tray
    A 40 or 50 piece tray with Mini Cream Puffs. Made from an Éclair choux pastry, Mini Cream puffs are filled with custard, whipped cream, or a variety of mousses and topped with fudge icing.

    Mini Napoleon Tray
    A tray filled with specified amounts of Mini Napoleons. Napoleons are made from a flaky French pastry with layers of Custard and whipped cream in the middle.