About Us

We are a family-owned bakery in Parma, Ohio specializing in wedding cakes, special occasion cakes and pastries (Cassata cakes & Cannoli).

The bakery was started by John and Joanna Colozza in 1975 and was located on Storer Avenue in Cleveland. After five years they moved to Parma and have remained there ever since. Since the early-1990s, the Bakery has been operated by their son, Angelo, and his wife, Joan.

John Colozza was born and raised in Macchiagodena, Italy. He became a pastry chef apprentice at the age of 17 in Rome, Italy. John moved to the United States in the late-1960s and worked as a pastry chef at Cavoli’s Italian Restaurant in Cleveland and later as a baker at Fazio’s Supermarket. He would opened his own bakery in 1975.

Angelo Colozza was born and raised in the Cleveland area and began working with his father in his childhood. He learned to be a baker and cake decorate from his father and other bakers. Angelo has over 30 years experience working in the bakery as a baker and cake decorator. Angelo and his wife, Joan, have three children and enjoy running the bakery.