Refrigerated Pastries

We have a wide variety of refrigerated pastries daily and for advance order. Stop on by and get one!

    An Italian delight consisting of a crispy pastry shell, stuffed with a blend of ricotta cheese, custard, whipped cream & chocolate chips. Available in Large and Small sizes.

    A long choux pastry shell filled with custard and covered with fudge icing.

    Mini Custard Puffs
    A small choux pastry shell filled with custard.

    Whipped Cream Puffs
    A large choux pastry shell filled with whipped cream and covered with fudge icing.

    Cassata Cake Cups
    Layers of yellow cake, custard, fresh strawberries & topped with Whipped Cream.

    Chocolate Mousse Cups
    Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse & topped with Whipped Cream.

    Jumbo Cupcakes
    Available in Chocolate (w/ Fudge icing), Date & Nut (w/ Butter Cream),
    Red Velvet (w/ Cream Cheese icing) & Yellow (w/ Butter Cream).

    Cannoli Bombs
    Chocolate cake layered with Cannoli filling, in a marble chocolate shell.

    Strawberry Cream Squares
    Banana Cream Squares
    Caramel Mousse Brownie Squares
    Tiramisu Squares
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares
    Lemon Squares
    Almond Cheesecake Cones