We specialize in making delicious cakes for all your special occasions. We will work with you to select the right size and flavor cake for your needs. We offer traditional cake flavors and designs, and specialty cake designs and flavors for all your special occasions.

Cake Servings

Cake Sizes # of servings
7” Round 6-8
9” Round 12-16
¼ Sheet Single 12-16
¼ Sheet Double 20-25
½ Sheet Single 25-35
½ Sheet Double 40-50
Full Sheet Single 50-80
Full Sheet Double 80-100

Edible Images / Patterns

We offer special edible images to put on-top of your occasion cakes. We are able to scan your picture and reproduce it on an edible image. You can either bring in a picture or e-mail us your image. We also offer a 11″ x 17″ over-sized edible image.

In addition to edible images, we produce edible patterns to place on-top and on-sides of cakes. Animal prints, purse prints, damask patterns and many others. Ask us about these!

Visit the Cake Gallery here.

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Specialty Cakes

We specialize in making unique cakes for our customers. We display some of our specialty cakes in our store and on our website. If you have some special in mind, bring in or e-mail us a picture of your cake idea and we can work to reproduce it!

Visit the Specialty Cake Gallery here.

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